Your hotel with indoor & outdoor pool in Appiano near Bolzano

A sense of pure effortlessness

Dive in and come out feeling reborn. Enjoy the refreshing water, feel the weightlessness.
Breathe in, breathe out. Stroll over the sparkling dewy grass, lean back and dream.
In the midst of blooming oleander bushes and under an infinitely blue sky, you can experience very special moments of relaxation in our hotel with pool in Eppan …

360° Garden view

Relaxing in the pool Indoor pool Indoor pool oasis
Indoor swimming pool
let your soul dangle

… in the morning after getting up, as a newly discovered ritual or in between, as a pleasurable time-out. In our indoor pool you can reach for a simple relaxation, swim stroke after swim stroke – water is an elixir of life for a reason.

Outdoor pool in summer Lambrechtshof pool Outdoor pool
Outdoor pool
Being in your element

Birds chirping in your ears, mountains in front of your eyes, the scent of flowers in your nose. Let yourself be enchanted by our outdoor pool with its adjacent garden paradise. Our hotel with pool in Eppan is the perfect place to enjoy the Dolce Vita.