Hotspots, excursion destinations & sights in Appiano

Out into the big wide world

Stroll through Eppan and visit the many small shops, sail across Lake Kaltern on a pedal boat, admire Firmiano Castle, explore South Tyrol’s Grand Canyon – look forward to numerous hotspots, excursion destinations & sights in Eppan and the surrounding area.

Wine tasting
Raise a glass: winery visits

Usually the saying goes like this: “You’ve only really been where you’ve walked“.
It is true that there are wonderful natural landscapes to discover in Eppan and the surrounding area, but the real focus is on what grows here: “You have only really been where you have tasted the local wine,” Which conversely means that a visit to a winery or vineyard is almost unavoidable. But where to start? We’ll be happy to pour you a good glass and let you in on our absolute insider tips.

The man from the ice
The most famous glacial mummy of all time

… goes by the name Ötzi and has found his eternal rest in the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology in Bozen. If you are interested in the Iceman in particular as well as history in general, the museum is the right place for you. 

Trauttmansdorff Castle
Got green fingers?

That’s what we thought of ourselves, but we had to admit with envy: the professionals fingers at the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle are a whole lot greener. On an area of around 12 hectares and in the form of a natural amphitheatre, countless trees, shrubs and plant species thrive here – each more beautiful than the next. A real garden paradise …

Rock gorges in Eppan
Rock canyons
Grand Canyon made in South Tyrol

Why go all the way to Arizona when you can also take a journey through millions of years of world history in Aldein? The Bletterbachschlucht Geopark is affectionately called the Grand Canyon of South Tyrol by the locals. Not without reason: impressive canyons, fossil artefacts, volcanic rock and a real hiking experience await you!

Earth pyramids in Eppan
Earth pyramids
Stone after stone

The earth pyramids on the Rittner Sonnenplateau look a bit like bizarre earth creatures with a stone hat. They are not only the most beautiful, but also the highest earth pyramids in Europe. You can admire them in Oberbozen, in different places: on the way to Lengmoos to Maria Saal, in the Katzenbachgraben below Oberbozen and in the Gasterergraben in Unterinn.

Hike to castle in Eppan
The Enchanted Mountain

… is the name of the Messner Mountain Museum Firmian. The museum of the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner is housed in Firmiano Castle, which, depending on where you are coming from, will certainly already have caught your eye on the way. The theme of the exhibition is the mountains and the people who climb them. Inside you can admire artistic installations, outside it is the view that enchants visitors.

Local recommendation: Val di Non

Visit the hermitage of Saint Romedio in Val di Non near Sanzeno, discover the Rhaetian Museum and stock up on cheese at the Romeno cheese dairy. Visit the parishes of Val di Non with the sightseeing Maria Himmelfahrt pilgrimage church in Unsere liebe Frau im Walde (St. Felix) and hike around the Laugen – Monte Luco (2434 m) or towards the Lago Luco lake.